Nottingham Citizens

We are proud as a Church to be members of  Nottingham Citizens (the local chapter of UK charity Citizens UK). We believe that as part of the local alliance we can work with other groups in our community and city to bring positive social change. You can find out more about our alliance here: Nottingham Citizens – Who we are (4min video)

Relational, Integrity, Kindness, Solidarity, Courage and Inclusion

Connect with St Peter’s desire to be an inclusive and welcoming place for all, and one that puts the biblical values of justice into action.

With over 35 other city-wide institutions we are committed to working in a broad alliance for justice and the common good. People working on our shared action teams and on local neighbourhood organising are leaders within those organisations, the majority of whom have benefited from community leadership training. Find out more here: A Guest Blog from Owen Riley, Grace Church – Citizens UK

The current city work is around Fair Work and the Living Wage, Mental Health and on Structural Racism. Other members are working on local neighbourhood issues.

Keep in touch with us by signing up here: Nottingham Citizens sign up form (

All members of St Peter’s can get involved. Please contact the Parish Office, Chris Ward or Ros Horsley if you would like to know more. Alternatively, please contact Community Organiser, Heidi Shewell-Cooper 07376013644