Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new website for the churches of St Peter and All Saints, Nottingham.

This site is very much the outcome of a team process, and I thank all those who have contributed to it, especially our web designers Ashley and Damien Appadoo. I hope all visitors to the site will find it helpful and that you will make use of it as a regular source of information about our churches. Do tell your friends about it!

We have also just introduced our new parish logo – or rather, I should say, re-introduced a logo which was used by St Peter’s church over several years in the past, having been designed in 1980 by the artist Michael Gregory of West Hallam. The symbolism of the logo may benefit from explanation, and so I quote the words from a past Rector of St Peter’s, the Rev’d Malcolm Goldsmith, who interpreted the logo as follows:

Central to it is a cross, but the cross is implicit rather than explicit – symbolising an approach to mission which does not thrust the cross at people but allows them to see it for themselves.

There are many ways into the heart of the logo, suggesting that there are many ways into the heart of the church. Some people may wish to move in and reach “the centre of things”, whilst others are quite prepared to move in, but stay more on the edges.

All the routes in and out are open – anyone can come in and anyone can leave – there is a freedom which allows people to take control of their own spiritual journeys, which does not require them to pass over any boundary mark, and which allows them the freedom to move away.

These words continue to describe the ethos of St Peter’s and All Saints’ churches, which strive to be open, inclusive, non-judgemental, and diverse. We recognise that we may fall short of this ideal in various ways, but we invite all those who support such an ethos to share in our journey as we endeavour to reach this goal.

Rev Christopher Harrison, Rector