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Taizé Worship

The Taizé community in Burgundy, France has a history spanning 70 years. Way back in 1940 Roger Schutz, a young Swiss man felt a calling to community life and against a backdrop of fear and mistrust generated by Nazi occupation and war, set out to test his vocation. His desire was to create a community of hospitality and trust for all people and in particular to provide a place of refuge for those from Eastern Europe displaced by the conflict that had ravaged so much of mainland Europe. He settled in the small village of Taizé, north of Cluny where he purchased a house and began to offer shelter to refugees and after a while others joined him and helped develop his vision.

Nothing is more conducive to communion with the Living God than a meditative common prayer with singing that never ends, but continues in the silence of one's heart, when one is alone again.

Brother Roger

Today, the Taize Community is made up of more than 100 brothers from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds and from more than 25 countries as well as having small cells around the world.

One of the first things Christ says in the Gospel is this: "Happy the simple-hearted!" Yes, happy those who head towards simplicity, simplicity of heart and simplicity of life.

Brother Roger

Since the 1950's, young people have been visiting Taizé from all over the world in ever increasing numbers. The brothers provide opportunities for personal spiritual exploration in a contemplative environment and the worship of the community is characterised by chant, readings and silence.

By Damir Jelic [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons

Prayer in Taizé church

Here at St. Peter's Church on the third Sunday evening of every month a small group gathers to create something of the spirit of Taizé right here in the city centre of Nottingham. For a brief hour we gather in subdued light around a crucifix illuminated by candles; we listen to the scriptures, offer incense and sing simple and repetitive chants based on popular Bible texts and spend time in reflective silence.

The beautiful and ancient building of St. Peter's Church set in the heart of a busy city, combined with a moving and simple liturgy provides an opportunity to retreat from the world of frenetic activity and create a little peace and quite which is so hard to find in today's world.

We invite you to find in the stillness, the delight of God's presence and com and join us on the third Sunday evening of the month for a touch of Taizé.

Please contact the Church Office for further details or visit for more information about the Taizé community.

A sample Order of Service for Compline, as followed at St Peter's Church, can be found here.

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