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Week of Daily Prayer for Our Common Home

Tuesday 3rd October, 2017 @ 4:28 pm

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The parish of All Saints, St Mary and St Peter, Nottingham
   Caring for our Common Home:

A Week of Prayer for God’s Creation: 

do make use of words below through the week as we join together in prayer for the world in which we live.

October 1st – 8th 2017

Prayers by the Rev’d Dr Helen Hall

God who hears church bells beyond the stars,
Who listened to waves washing empty beaches,
Before life blossomed and unfolded.
God who delights in dancing lights, beneath dark oceans,
Who gazed on the first fish, flopping onto rock, and drawing breath,
Before the first feet touched sand.
God who feels, and moves and knows outside the confines of our understanding,
Who accompanied dreamers and thinkers as consciousness woke,
Before the pulse of words began to beat
Draw near to us as we pray for the Creation of which we are a part. Amen.
We think especially of our environment, of the needless waste, pollution and thoughtlessness which mar it and cause untold suffering to humans and animals. Of those who homes and habitats are destroyed or made toxic and ugly. Of the people of goodwill who work to bring cleansing, hope and healing.

Creator pouring love and energy into the sunlight which fuels life’s tree
Redeemer who broke bread and made wine flow from water
Sustainer who moves within all that lives and grows
You purposed wholeness, abundance and joy for your works.
You turn the wheel of the seasons in endless cycles.
You ripen fruits in countless colours and a symphony of smells.
You sit smiling at many tables, filled with love and warmth.
You sit too on many street-corners, cold and hungry.
You live in unheated flats, with empty cupboards.
You cry as starving children whimper without comfort
And unwanted adults eat alone in unchosen solitude.
Draw near us as we pray in thankfulness for your gifts and in sorrow for our failure to share. Amen.
We think especially today of all those who work to provide, transport and prepare food, of the Earth and networks which sustain us. Of those who are hungry and deprived of the physical or emotional nourishment they need to thrive, and the people who dedicate their time and resources to building a more equal world.

Companion of eagles soaring on the morning breeze
Conspirator with tumbling fox-cubs and teasing monkeys
Witness to the arguments of cows and the guile of octopus
Observer of undiscovered tree-frogs and colossal squid
the tiny and the gigantic, mocking us with equal, elusive ease.
Bless us with an eternal sense of wonder and respect,
Of curiosity and enthusiasm for our fellow creatures.
Give us compassion and gentleness, and guide us to see that we know little
And understand still less of the galaxy of life surrounding us.
Make our footsteps light, and our hearts warm to their needs. Amen.
We think especially today of the animal world, asking that your all of creatures should know the fullness of life you intended for them. We pray too for all who seek to humanely study and celebrate animals, and the work of those who seek to educate others about their needs.

Fire and hail, mist and snow, storm wind fulfilling your command,
Our psalmists, singers and prophets have long known
You are found in quiet spaces, but not confined there.
You dwell in the ray of summer light, bathing a quiet chapel.
You vibrate in familiar words, softly intoned from dog-earred books.
But you also lash down in wild rain, battering rugged hills on stormy days,
Rushing through flooding streams, crashing through waterfalls.
You infuse the melody of the blackbird’s song and the texture of the raven’s call.
You pour the gold into the Harvest moon and the work of the honey bee.
You are not a little god, kept in the small, dusty cupboards of our ideas.
You are within and without your Creation, its heard and unheard heart-beat. Amen.
We think especially today of the natural world which surrounds us, giving thanks for its mystery and beauty. We pray too for those who encourage Christians to see the importance of Creation to their faith, our responsibilities towards animals and the environment, and also for those who feel alienated from the Church because of our failings and indifference in these areas.

Word became Flesh, Flesh shared with sheep and oxen,
Who kept you warm that first Earthly night,
When Human Flesh had shut its door, selling warmth for gold,
Not giving it freely to a fragile, unimportant infant.
Word became Flesh, who entered into so much pain,
Pain shared equally with non-human Flesh, lacking words to plead.
You knew what it was to be hungry, beaten and held captive,
Betrayed by people to whom you had given only love.
You knew what it was to be valued in human coins,
Stripped of your dignity and joy, humiliated for others’ amusement.
You have walked the road trodden by so many innocent creatures,
Be with them now in their pain, until they finally know the life,
Your redeeming love brought, when you took on Flesh for all the world. Amen.
We think especially today of animals who suffer through the cruelty, greed or neglect of humankind. We all think of all individuals and organisations who try to help, bringing veterinary care, rehabilitation and love and who campaign to change laws, cultures and practices where there are problems in farming, industry, entertainment or research.

Image in which we are made, spark which lights the fuse of our being,
We look to you in wonder, awe-struck at the trust you have placed in us.
Set in a Creation beyond our understanding, you have made us stewards,
Helpers and carers for a planet teeming with life, movement and energy.
You have opened your hands and set us free, wills and minds to choose.
We can turn our backs on our destiny, indulge in other pathways,
We can hurt and exploit the world which created in love and bled to restore.
We have done so, countless times, and are doing so now. And yet,
You believe in us.
You trust you with beings and landscapes infinitely precious in your sight.
You notice each small sacrifice, gesture, step on a journey to a better future.
You bless our efforts and restore what has been lost.
Angels sing for every tiny victory, no act of kindness or healing is futile,
With you and through you, a New Heaven and a New Earth will dawn. Amen.
We think especially today of the role of human beings in caring for God’s Creation, and of our special responsibilities. We pray for those who have a vocation to work particularly in these fields, for environmental and animal charities, for scientists, conservationists, campaigners and volunteers. We also ask that all Christians should see the importance of these tasks to their personal faith. And we remember those who are struggling with the suffering and destruction which they see around them, and ask for hope, comfort and strength.

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