Parochial Church Council £10,000 Appeal for Emmanuel house launched <p><strong>Nottingham's city centre churches launch £10,000 Emmanuel House charity appeal</strong></p> <p>The parish will launch its 2016-17 appeal in support of the work of Emmanuel House with rough sleepers and other vulnerable people this Sunday. The <a href="">appeal leaflet</a> gives lots of ideas for raising money and organising activities in support of the appeal, as well as a donation form.</p> <p>For further details or to make a donation, please contact the parish office on 0115 948 3658 or email</p> <p> </p> Thu, 24 Nov 2016 11:19:54 +0100 Annual Parish Meeting <p><strong>Annual Parish Meeting</strong><br/><br/>The APCM will take place on Thursday 28th April, 7pm at St Mary’s – all are encouraged to attend this meeting. Annual Reports and other papers for this meeting are available to collect from the back of church.</p> Fri, 15 Apr 2016 15:11:11 +0200 Announcement regarding Chrissie Little <p><strong>Chrissie Little</strong> has just been appointed Pastoral Missioner and Associate Priest of Emmanuel with St Mark's, Bestwood. Her licensing is planned for Thursday 6th November, and it is likely that her last Sunday in the parish will be October 26th.</p> <p>It will be of course extremely sad to see Chrissie leave, after so many years of ministry in this parish, but this is also an opportunity for her to use her skills in a new parish and environment, and we wish her all the best as she prepares for this major change. Chrissie has played a massive part in the life of the parish in so many ways, and life in our churches will feel very strange without her, especially as she has got to know so many people here through the years.</p> <p>I will be consulting with the Area Dean and new Archdeacon of Nottingham as to how the 2020 plans for this parish will give guidance on any replacement for Chrissie - lay or ordained.<br/><br/>Chrissie's last service in the parish will be at St Peter's on Sunday 26th October, 10.45am.  All are welcome to celebrate Chrissie's work in the parish.</p> <p><strong> </strong></p> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 11:21:07 +0200 Renewing the Vision of The Parish <p><strong>Christopher Harrison considers what the future could hold for our parish and its three churches</strong></p> <p>At recent meetings of the Parochial Church Council (PCC), there have been discussions about the need for us to give renewed thought to how we can be most effective in our ministry and mission to the city. I have therefore set the ball rolling by preparing this rough list of possible areas of work which we might undertake in the near future. The list is rooted in some basic principles which have been drawn up by the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, as well as our own parish vision statement which appears in our magazine Nottingham in Faith.</p> <p>The suggestions are designed to be discussed at church congregation meetings this autumn, as well as at meetings of the three church committees. Please do take some time to read this, and be ready to make comments either at the congregational meetings, or directly to clergy or churchwardens. As it is a working document at present, I expect that we may add or delete items, and we may even decide that some more fundamental changes to the overall approach of the document should be made. We will also need to consider the time period over which the various suggestions, if agreed, should be worked upon.</p> <p>I must stress that nothing is set in stone – your ideas are important and valuable. This is simply a starting point, arising from my own experience of what I think we need and might achieve. I expect that the PCC will discuss the results of the various discussions at a meeting early in 2014, and I hope that we will be able to present a fuller version of this paper, which has been agreed by the PCC, to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in April 2014, alongside the Annual Report.</p> <p><strong>1. Basic principles<br/><em>Diocesan Vision</em></strong><br/>All that we do as a parish should take place under the guidance and inspiration of the Diocesan Vision, which encourages all parishes to ‘join together in the transforming mission of God’, and to aspire towards</p> <p>• Living worship</p> <p>• Growing disciples</p> <p>• Seeking justice</p> <p><em><strong>Parish vision</strong></em><br/>Alongside this, the following statement, from the parish magazine, is a good summary of the ethos of the parish: <br/>‘Our parish aims to:</p> <p>• live and proclaim the Gospel for the 21st century in our modern, challenging and fast developing city</p> <p>• develop ministry together in the city in a way that makes clear that all people are valued within the thought of God, and loved by God</p> <p>• speak out together, wherever possible, on matters of justice and injustice, of inclusion and exclusion, of rights and responsibilities, of integrity and transparency</p> <p><strong>2. Suggested aims and objectives</strong><br/>Arising out of this vision, the following the overarching aims and objectives are suggested:</p> <p>i. To build and strengthen the congregations of the three churches;</p> <p>ii. To encourage co-operation and mutual support between the churches, recognising and affirming the distinctiveness of alongside the unity of the parish as a whole;</p> <p>iii. To ensure that at all times church members value and care for one another, recognising the contribution made by all;</p> <p>iv. To review worship patterns with the aim of ensuring that these are as effective as possible in terms of enabling church members to worship God effectively while also offering diversity and accessibility to newcomers;</p> <p>v. To consider what ‘discipleship’ means, probably looking at a broad interpretation which recognises a range of approaches to God and spirituality, and to ensure that our parish is as effective as possible in helping all concerned to grow and deepen in faith;</p> <p>vi. To review and improve our outreach into the community;</p> <p>vii. To improve the ways in which the parish works on issues of social justice etc;</p> <p>viii. To make best use of the three church buildings in terms of their contribution to the life and community<br/>activity of the city, consistent with our overall vision and priorities; ix. To consider ways of improving ecumenical collaboration (with other churches)</p> <p>x. To aim for and achieve a balanced financial budget over a defined period of time</p> <p>3. Suggested aims for the three churches and for particular areas of ministry, arising out of current and planned work<br/><br/><strong>All Saints’ </strong></p> <p>• The congregation is warm, welcoming and committed, not large but of a good size for maintaining and strengthening mutually supportive relationships. Pressures on many individual members prevent more active involvement, however. Can we encourage a deepening of supportive relationships between church members, and draw newcomers into church life?</p> <p>• Exploration of alternative forms of music and worship, such as the Sounds and Songs of the Spirit evening; more modern music at occasional evening events?</p> <p>• 150th anniversary celebrations in 2014 will include a Festival Eucharist on All Saints’ Day. Should we also plan another church and community event?</p> <p>• Can we improve the church interior: upgrading the entrance lobbies. Painting the lower ceilings between the rafters, perhaps with grant aid to restore them to their previous decorated condition?</p> <p>• Plans to repair the organ are underway; can we make better use of it for concerts and other musical events?</p> <p>• Should we aim for upgrading the kitchen and WC facilities?</p> <p>• Discussions with architect regarding any other possibilities for improving the facilities at the church</p> <p>• Garden and churchyard – what is the present position regarding local partnerships, including possible help from the YWCA</p> <p>• In order to build the congregation, it is possible to develop work with families and children? Use of All Saints Hall? Appointment of a children/family worker – would need some external funding, probably.</p> <p>• What should we do if the church just continues as at present, or if the congregation dwindles rather than increases?<br/><br/><strong>St Mary’s</strong></p> <p>• Prioritise the drawing up of a policy for the use of the church by outside groups</p> <p>• Experiment with new configurationsfor the Eucharist, in particular with the first part of the service being led from in front of the screen</p> <p>• Resume the work of the St Mary’s arts committee and develop the church as a venue for exhibitions</p> <p>• ‘Beautifying St Mary’s’ – work on the aesthetic aspects of the church</p> <p>• A conference on current social issues? – and additional ways of developing the use of the church for our own events</p> <p>• Music – any plans for developing the programme of concerts and special services, including a greater diversity of forms of music (as is happening already through outside bookings)?</p> <p>• continue to develop the children’s ministry</p> <p>• Friends of St Mary’s – increase profile and membership?</p> <p>• Could we host a Passion Play or Mystery Play? Or commission a more modern dramatic approach to faith and spirituality? or develop other links with local theatre groups, such as the youth drama group Television Workshop</p> <p>• A series of guest preachers for evensong?</p> <p>• An annual Christmas Tree Festival, beginning this year</p> <p><strong>St Peter’s</strong></p> <p>• Review of work with homeless and rough sleepers, and the Gateway Dropin for those with mental health problems– is our work adequate?</p> <p>• Review of entrance lobby – make it brighter and more welcoming?</p> <p>• Evening services – under some review, with trial of a 5.00 pm starting time between autumn and spring</p> <p>• City debates – what place might there be for them in future?</p> <p>• Further development of work with children?</p> <p>• Music – increase choir numbers, closer links with Nottingham University, more ‘Coffee Break’ concerts each year, continuation of choir trips, establishment of a Junior Choir (ages 8-13), greater use of external tutors and coaches; possibility of a schools singing ‘outreach’ project (like the DioSing network in Leicester Diocese)</p> <p>• Sustain and develop the programme of weekday services, ensuring that they are seen as an integral part of the life of the church</p> <p>• Experiment with some very different contemporary Christian music, drawing on the skills of some church members<br/><br/><strong>Workplace Chaplaincy</strong></p> <p>• There has been an excellent development of the network of lay chaplains, and an increase in the range and number of organisations where a chaplaincy presence has been established.</p> <p><strong>Next steps?</strong></p> <p>• Can it be better integrated into the life of the congregations?</p> <p>• Can we respond better to the needs of those who are searching for meaning and purpose in life and work, whom we encounter through the chaplaincy?</p> <p>• Funding for the future? A full time post??</p> <p><strong>The Parish Centre</strong></p> <p>• Setting up, if possible, a bookstall alongside the Traidcraft shop</p> <p>• Coffee room – any further improvements? <br/><br/><strong>Overseas Committee </strong></p> <p>• Plans for raising awareness of the work of the committee and attracting more members</p> <p>• Plans to announce projects for which money will be raised during the coming year, rather than raise money first then allocate it afterwards</p> <p><strong>Finances</strong></p> <p>• Plans for another full stewardship campaign in 2014</p> <p><strong>Communications</strong></p> <p>• Plans are underway to rebuild the parish website, so that it is more in keeping with present needs and can be more easily managed. CH to take a more active role in content.</p> <p><strong>4. Staffing constraints and opportunities</strong></p> <p>• Need to review clergy roles with the departure of Rev Stephen Morris</p> <p>• Need to consider the possibility of new posts, such as a ‘City Theologian’, a Children and Families minister, or a Church Army officer, if our allocation of clergy is reduced as we approach 2020</p> <p>• Should we apply to have a curate appointed to the parish?</p> <p>• Readers – encouragement of more people to come forward for reader training</p> <p><strong>5. Conclusions and summary of main proposals </strong></p> <p>• to follow, after discussions by congregational meetings, church committees and PCC</p> Fri, 18 Oct 2013 11:32:54 +0200 Reverend Stephen Morris <p>It has been announced that the Rev Stephen Morris, Lecturer of St Mary’s and Associate Priest of All Saints’, St Mary’s and St Peter’s will be leaving the parish after Christmas. Stephen will become Priest in Charge and Team Leader of the Newark and Coddington Team and will be licensed on 21st January 2014 at St Mary Magdalene’s, Newark.</p> <p><a href="">View portraits of Stephen Morris, and his wife Jean. Taken as they move to the parish of St Mary in Newark.</a></p> Wed, 11 Sep 2013 16:58:59 +0200 St Mary's Church - Temporary closure update <p>Dear member of St Mary's Church,</p> <p>I am delighted that we are now able to reopen part of St Mary's Church for Sunday and Wednesday evening services, after a closure of around seven months. At present we can use only the chancel, but the first service in the re-opened church, the Candlemas Eucharist on Sunday 3rd February at 6.30 pm, is a fitting occasion on which to resume worship in Nottingham's Civic Church.</p> <p>After that date, I do hope that we will see you at Sunday morning services at 10.45 am, and Sunday Evensongs at 6.30 pm. Wednesday Evensongs will be at 6.15 pm, although for the time being the Wednesday morning communion service (8.30 am) and the Thursday 1.15 pm service will continue to be held at St Peter's. This is because laying of the stone floor surface, which begins in a few days' time, will be taking place during the working week.</p> <p>Midland Stonemasons have been cleaning the interior of the church, including using a high level platform to remove dust from the highest levels of the building. They have also removed the old fan convector which was mounted on the north wall of the chancel.</p> <p>The church and churchyard will remain closed to the public during the week for the time being, as the church building remains under the oversight of Midland Stonemasons until the flooring is complete. We will, however, be able to reopen the nave in time for Holy Week, with a floor surface which by then will be partly stone and partly (temporary) boarding. Do come to the St Matthew Passion on Good Friday at 6.00 pm, which will include visiting singers from Nuremburg alongside St Mary's Choir.</p> <p>Before that, however, on the evening of Friday February 8th the churchyard and part of the church will be open for Nottingham Light Night, during which the choir of St Mary's will sing, as in previous years. The Friends of St Mary's will serve refreshments.</p> <p>We are still inviting donations towards the project appeal, which has made very good progress thanks in particular to our churchwarden Roger Freeston and his team. Additional donations, however, are needed in order to help us install a modern sound system, along with enhanced lighting and other improvements to the building. Many thanks are due to those who have contributed already, but please do visit or contact the parish office ( or 0115 948 3658) if you would like to help.</p> <p>We are also expecting that the church will be an attractive venue for various kinds of events for the city of Nottingham in general. If you would like to explore this with us, or have suggestions which might be of interest to us, please do contact me.</p> <p>I look forward to seeing you in the re-opened St Mary's and to this exciting new chapter in the life of our church.</p> <p>Yours sincerely<br/><br/>Christopher Harrison, Vicar</p> <p> </p> Thu, 31 Jan 2013 11:20:29 +0100 Parish Regular Giving Scheme <p><strong>A Parish for Everyone - play your part</strong></p> <p>Over the last three years the parish of All Saints, St Mary and St Peter has been running quite a large deficit.  We have funded it so far by drawing on reserves, but this can’t go on indefinitely.  </p> <p>We are closely monitoring our costs and having a fresh look at whether further savings can be made. But we also need to appeal to all those who value our churches, asking you to play your part in making sure that God’s work can continue to flourish here in the years to come.</p> <p>Donations of any size are always very gratefully received.  If you are a visitor to this site or have been to one of the churches recently, <a href="" target="_blank">and would like to make a one off donation, we ask that you do so using our Gift Aid form</a>, which enables us to reclaim the tax on your gift.</p> <p>If you are interested in giving regularly to the parish, or would just like more information on how the parish is managed financially, <a href="" target="_blank">our recent Stewardship Campaign, "A Parish for the Future", may be of interest</a>. Similarly, <a href="" target="_blank">if you feel able to contribute towards the huge financial needs of this parish, please fill in a parish promise form</a> and return it to us.</p> <p>Many thanks for your support.</p> <p> </p> <div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; left: -10000px; top: 0px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden;"></div> Fri, 18 Mar 2011 14:47:50 +0100